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Administration rights:

Suspend the platform operation for technical reasons for a short time, with or without user notification.

If the rules are not followed, in case of incorrect use of the resource and behavior, the administration reserves the right to block access to your account.

The moderator has the right not to accept item and refuse in moderation, if the product does not conform to the format of the site.

Administration can send information to its users.

Use the content of users for promotion and advertising in order to increase sales.

Administration is not responsible for copying/distribution/use of content and copyright infringement by other users.


Provide the Administration with accurate contact information. Provide your handmade items. Give the items names that will reveal the essence and will be understandable to users. Make descriptions of relevant parameters of each product, which will show the advantages and benefits. The text should not be advertising. Administration for SEO purposes reserves the right to edit your product description.

For each item, take a few pictures (5–7 photos not of the vertical direction), which will show the user the product from different sides and angles. Pictures should be of high quality. Take a picture of the item from a distance, pay attention to the details in the following photos, so that the buyer can see the item of interest in detail.

Notify the Administration of the availability of goods, you can specify that certain products are "for example" or are "made to order".

Mandatory conditions for the crafters:

Only handmade items manufactured in one version or in a limited quantity, not of a batch production, are allowed to place on the website. You can sell only goods of your own production or those manufactured with other crafters. You should provide photos only of your products, do not use someone else's photos.

If you want to place products in the Vintage category you need to specify the approximate year of product creation (decade).

It is forbidden on the site:

− to provide other people's photos of works;

− to make fictitious purchases;

− to resell the products of other crafters;

− to provide a sketch of the intended work, the photo should show an exclusively finished product, if possible, you can show a similar product on the order, but it should be necessarily finished. It is necessary that the user can verify the skills and abilities of the author, before sending a prepayment for work;

− to negatively criticize the authors and their products;

− to commit actions that are contrary to the law on human rights and freedoms;

− to refer to any resources in the description;

− to collect and store personal information about users;

− to try to get users' logins and passwords;

− graphic design of photos of products is also forbidden.

The goods forbidden to be placed on the site:

Sale and manufacturing that violates copyrights.

When most of the work is done with the help of technological or serial production equipment, without the use of manual work and design. (The exception is the Workshop category).

All kinds of medicines and drugs.

Medical equipment and any medicinal substances.

Alcohol and tobacco products, some devices for smoking.

Products and things that have already been used (the exception is the products from the Vintage category).

Pyrotechnics and explosives.

Weapons that are forbidden to use without proper permit.

Human remains and separate parts of the body.

Animals and forbidden food on their basis.

Any kind of real estate.

Spare parts for cars, agricultural and household appliances.

Securities, documents and private information about users that can be used.

Technology designed to illegally obtain information (photo-, video-shooting and wiretapping), copies and media of this information.

Copies and fakes of any goods.

Stolen goods.

Any media and products of pornography.

Intimate and other services involving physical contact.

Products and materials depicting cruelty and violence.

Products and materials that promote racial, religious, ethnic enmity.

Products bearing the Nazi and fascist symbols.

Computer programs, codes, viruses.

Bonus cards, coupons, gift certificates for any type of services and products.

Those that prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine.