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The World of Craft is a space for bringing together admirers of originality and creators! Someone loves beauty, and someone knows how to create it. Sometimes it's hard for such people to find each other. Yes, yes, we believe that for each Admirer, there is a Creator. And we want to see them happy. But knowing about such obstacles as: communication problems, taxes, logistics, finance and other household methods of "exterminating" romance and creativity, we decided to eliminate them on our own.

The aim of our project is to support and develop Ukrainian crafters and to present the results of their creative work to the whole world. In our country there are many unique people who create original things, putting their heart, soul and national color into it. So why not to boast of it? And Ukrainians themselves have had enough of the overseas miracles of consumer goods and want to paint their lives in the colors of happiness.

The products placed on our website are original and unique. Often, each item is presented in only one copy. And if you missed the opportunity to buy it, you can always order it according to your preferences. Let's just talk about this! :)

Our store is a small world of bright colors, where you can fully relax and become the owner of unique things. And maybe you will be so inspired that you will pass from the rank of the Admirer of beauty to the Creator. We are also ready to support this and we are happy to introduce our Workshop. There we did our best and placed the products, both for beginners and for experienced crafrers. You are always welcome to contact us and express your wishes for the assortment of the Workshop.

We are not only glad to every customer, but we appreciate every crafter!

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