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"Treasures of the Scythian steppes"

"Treasures of the Scythian steppes"

The ground roars under the hoofs of the horses of great warriors. Mighty men and fearless their wives-scythians - they were pagans, but did not erect temples to anyone except Ares. Now only mounds remained of their power. But it is only necessary to go out in spring to the steppe, walk barefoot along the thorny path, and the gray feather grass will whisper ancient legends. Come to the rocky ravine, breathe in full fat smells of wormwood and steppe grasses, and then it looks (or it's on?) You will feel the trembling of the earth.

The necklace is embroidered with Japanese beads and cabochons of natural jasper. The central part of the product is sandy jasper, in which fantasy paints the layered rocks of the Azov steppe off the coast. The choice of this mineral is not accidental, indeed, the Scythians wore a stone in their amulets and decorated their horse harness.

The product is made by hand from natural materials. Used semi-precious stones of jasper. Embroidery - Japanese seed beads TONO. Liner - small suede. Use: keep away from fire and water. Dressing in the holiday, and for every day:)

Weight (kg): 0,20
Packaging: нет / no
Materials: натуральные камни, японский бисер / natural stones, Japanese beads
Inserts: яшма / jasper
Production time (days): 15-20
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