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Since time immemorial, the artistic processing of wood has been associated exclusively with carpentry and carpentry. The tree was widely used for the manufacture of tables, windows, doors, etc. In the modern world, wood processing and furniture manufacturing are carried out in factories equipped with special equipment, according to the developed technological processes. Craftsmen are mainly engaged in the artistic processing of wood. Their work is not connected with the mass production and implies an individual creative approach, the development of a method for manufacturing and finishing a decorative product.

Surprising beauty of the work of the master found its embodiment in this stool, made of beech and linden wood. You can order a repeat or a set, taking into account your wishes.

Weight (kg): 2,00
Size: универсальный / universal
Packaging: нет / no
Materials: дерево / wood
Production time (days): 30-45
1200.00 UAH
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Quantity in stock : 1
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