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"Amethyst spring"

A beautiful handmade necklace will look spectacular on you! The unusual appearance of this decoration, complemented by the beauty of natural stones, will fill you with a spring mood.
Amethyst - a stone of unusual. Being the most expensive type of quartz, the gem has been valued since ancient times. A powerful talisman against the machinations of fate. He gets rid of unhappy love, and guards against excessive alcohol consumption. Translated from the Greek, amethyst means "not drunk". Amethyst is suitable for representatives of almost all zodiac signs. It is especially relevant for those born under the signs of Fish, Cancer, Scorpio.
Garnet is a precious stone that has a diverse palette of colors and has magical properties. It has long been considered the stone of lovers. He helps those who have not yet been able to find love. Young men in the old days presented a ring with a red garnet to their chosen ones as a sign of pure and eternal love and loyalty. In addition, the mineral contributes to the revival of long-faded feelings. Therefore, it is recommended to use those couples who suffer a crisis in the relationship.

Materials: amethyst, garnet, pearl, original lampwork bead.
Size: length - 38 cm.

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